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About Us

Wayineers is a coaching and consulting institution that exists to help individuals and families "calculate your route" to success. Wayineers is here to provide CARE (Career, Aspirational, Relationship, and Executive) coaching! We are here to serve all individuals, with our focus on "millennials;" who are defined as people born from 1981-1995. We also have a hyperfocus on the Black American Millennial.


Our Founder's Story

"I have always found myself helping others navigate to a destination, a goal, a journey. From being a 10-year-old helping navigate my 56-year-old mother, 82-year-old grandmother, and 73-year-old great-aunt through Atlanta's MASSIVE airport, even though it was MY FIRST TIME there, to helping a young millennial navigate from high school, through undergrad, and now into their first job post-graduation at a Fortune 500 company, my passion has always been in COACHING." 


- D.C. Howard (Founder/Principal Coach, Wayineers)

Our founder and Principal Coach, David (D.C.) Howard is a business professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in education, non-profits, youth development, career readiness, emotional intelligence, and healthy relationships! DC is a bachelor's degree recipient from The Florida State University, and a graduate degree recipient from the University of Arkansas; focused on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. DC also has the credentials of a Master Certified Professional Coach from the Certified Life Coach Institute (formerly the Life Institute of Orange County; an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited organization. He is a fervent believer and follower of Christ and his coaching is rooted in Christian principles that apply to all facets of life!

So, ARE YOU READY to achieve the career you love and the relationships you deserve?



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